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Hi, I’m Marc Zegans. As a creative development advisor, I’ve spent more than twenty years helping individuals, arts organizations and creatively driven enterprises successfully follow their muse. I work with artists charting next steps, writers moving through blocks, creative organizations in transition, musicians seeking sustainable income, artists planning their creative legacies, business owners craving a more rewarding work life, and many others. Their common need: Seasoned guidance in charting their creative courses; undertaking work that has integrity and meaning; finding and maintaining their natural audiences; navigating successful transitions across the principal stages of their creative careers; achieving financial growth and public recognition in ways that deepen their creativity, and emerging from creative crises with vitality and strength.


“Get off the fence and talk to Marc…He is that good.”
~ Michael Astrachan, president,
XVIVO Scientific Animation

“Marc is muse to the muse.”
 Jennifer Greer, singer-songwriter and recording artist

“It’s a good sign if you’ve come across Marc – you’re onto something!”
~Mary Vyn, chef and co-founder,
sujata & meera


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