Arc and Interruption: The Five Stages of a Fulfilled Creative Life and the Crises That Intervene (Free)

ebookIntentional Practice & The Art of Finding Natural Audience (Kindle edition)

Do you want to find the natural audience for creative work or to build a thriving professional practice? Artists and professionals often feel torn between maintaining their integrity at the risk of starving, or selling out in order to achieve economic success. If you find yourself caught on the horns of this dilemma, this booklet is for you. It will show you how to chart a successful middle course between dysfunctional diffidence and pandering to the market. This middle way, grounded in what I call intentional practice, will allow you to find and communicate with your natural audience in perfect accord with your artistic vision, and build a client base in a manner that affirms and deepens your professional integrity. Download it to your computer, phone, or e-reader.

Working for Free: Friendship, Compassion, Citizenship and Practice Development (Free)

The Idea of Intentional Practice in the Arts and in the Professions (Free)

Working on the Sliding Scale (Free)