Getting Started

I maintain a selective practice for the benefit of my clients. When assessing whether to work with candidates I carefully consider their needs,  intentions, opportunities, motives and commitment. I also weigh the priority this work will take in their lives. If you’re passionate about moving ahead with your creative life, and if you feel that you’re ready to commit energetically and enthusiastically to making meaningful progress, then please take the time to answer these five questions:

1. What made you decide to write me today?

a) Do you need help with a project?

b) Do you want to break through creative blocks?

c) Are you looking to take your work up a level?

d) Do you want to find or build your audience?

e) Are you at the edge of a major transition or
in a creative crisis?

2. Why now?

3. How motivated are you to act on behalf of your best creative self?

4. What are bigger for you, your creative desires or your creative fears?

5.What would you like to discuss in our first conversation?

Compose your answers carefully and revise what you’ve written for clarity focus, and concision, then email me your thoughts.  I’ll consider your responses with care and confidentiality.

If I think you’re a candidate with strong potential, I’ll invite you to schedule an exploratory conversation, during which time we’ll get to know each other and assess our prospects for a productive alliance.  In particular, we’ll identify your core opportunities and challenges; your priorities, resources, learning style, and potential blocks and barriers. We’ll also rough-out a plan for working together. This conversation will be free of charge.

Email this to me here: