Some Articles About My Work as a Creative Development Advisor and Poet

The Creativity Whisperer
In this interview, performing artist and therapist Susan Lambert and I tackle some of the bigger questions: What does it mean to live a creative life? How do you work through the challenges that living a creative life presents over the long run? How do you shape and maintain a creative identity that changes as you grow?

Career Strategy for the Working Artist
Means of flourishing as an artist and resolving the crises that inevitably punctuate creative careers.

Marc Zegans Lessons From The Art World
Five lessons entrepreneurs can learn from the distinctive personalities of successful artists.

Marc Zegans Artist Whisperer
In this four part piece, Deborah Oster Pannel talks with me about breaking creative blocks and helping artists to thrive. We also discuss poetry and spoken word, and she shares links to various pieces of my work and some classic spoken word performances by other artists. For material on creative development scroll down to part one of the interview.

Artistic Application: Neo-Bohemia Talks with Marc Zegans

Charlie Layton talks with me about tools for thriving at each stage of the creative life.

Break Though Your Creative Blocks

Sandra Lee Shubert talks with me about breaking through creative blocks and finding your natural audience.

Living The Creative Life

Wonderful interview by Christine Bissonette about living well as a creative artist.

Developing Your Natural Audience, Lessons From The Creative World

Fine article (reprinted from Under30CEO) offering five lessons from my e-book, Finding Natural Audience, for Start-ups and VCs.

Developing Your Natural Audience, Lessons From The Creative World

Fine article in Under 30 CEO offering five lessons from my e-book, Finding Natural Audience, for Executive Directors and CEOs.

Engaging Your Natural Audience, at Lisa Francesca

Author and wedding officiant par excellence, Lisa Francesca discusses how my e-book, Finding Natural Audience, has helped her ground and communicate her work as an ethical artist and minister.”

Finding Natural Audience, at Project Mavens

Deborah Oster Pannell reviews my e-book on Natural Audience and links it elegantly to the concept of “creative community.”

Extending Your Creative Reach, with Danielle Raine
Danielle Raine reviews my e-book on Natural Audience, and expands on it by introducing the fruitful concept of “creative reach.”

Finding Natural Audience, in Aberration Nation
I had the pleasure of being interviewed by artist Penelope Przekop about creative process, poetry and my ebook on finding natural audience. Her blog Aberration Nation is a resource for artists interested in sharpening their creative practices.

Natural Audience, in Meri Jenkins’ article “Getting to Market
Meri Jenkins discusses my concept of natural audience in the National Arts’ Marketing Project Blog, as part of a must-read piece on creative placemaking.

Marc Zegans: A Creative Person Who Helps Creative People
A fine profile of my work by poet, editor and journalist, Doug Holder

Rebalancing: The Art of Transforming a Successful Yoga Instructor’s Life and Career
A lovely article by Caroline Ratner about my work with a gifted yogini, Rachel Krentzman, during an important transition in her life.  Check out Rachel’s studio at

Available: Poet Laureate
Conceptual artist and founder of Open Invo, A Marketplace for Open Innovation, Emily Lutzker, offers a witty blog about my life at the intersection of poetry and branding.

Conscious Consultant Sam Leibowitz Interviews Marc Zegans on the “Talking Alternatives Radio Network”
Sam and I talk about the creative development process, working with artists, writers and creative types in business, and about my five-stage model of the creative life. Check out the recording at Zegans interview on the Conscious Consultant

Aliyah Marr Interviews Marc Zegans
Author of, Parallel Mind: The Art of Creativity , Interviews me on the creative process.  Click here for the audio link: Marr-Zegans Interview

Read Nichole Dupont’s excellent iBerkshires review of a spoken word and burlesque bash Karen Lee, aka Madame K, and I hostedwith the sponsorship of Narragansett Beer, for whom I was poet laureate, at the closing night of her Lenox boutique, Karendipity.   You may also click here for the same piece on Gansett’s Blog

Marker and Parker Reviewed in the Smoking Poet
Check out Zinta Aister’s excellent review of my latest album, Marker and ParkerYou can read it on her blog, or in the Zinta Reviews section of the Smoking Poet. Scroll down to the third review for Marker and Parker.

Poet and Piano Man
Sandra Miller’s lovely article about my collaboration with the late legendary jazz pianist Don Parker

McGrail Reviews Marker and Parker
Marguerite McGrail’s fine review of my latest spoken word album,Marker and Parker,with Don Parker.

To Purchase Marker and Parker go to Marker and Parker